Knee Surgery – Week 4

I started working this week.  Thank god they let me work from home.  I went into the office one day and you can’t imagine how exhausted I was when I got home.  

Here’s a picture of my scar.  ImageI’m not so horrified of it.  It looked a LOT worse 2 weeks ago.  I’m lubing it up with vitamin E oil and giving it a little massage 2x a day.  I have a scar from my thyroid surgery that is pretty much invisible and all I did was give it some vitamin E oil, massage it, and cover it from the sun for a year.  You literally can’t see it anymore.  

I am doing some in-home exercises to regain a little muscle, get some flexion going, and keep scar tissue from getting out of hand.  I’m doing some quad flexes, leg lifts, and heel slides.  I can get the knee to a 90 degree bend, but not without a lot of discomfort.  Things are TIGHT in there.  

I am having a difficult time sleeping.  I sleep until about 2am, then I wake up every 45 minutes or so out of discomfort.  The nerve block has still not worn off in several spots and these areas give me trouble.  Although they are “numb”, the muscle beneath is very painful.  There’s simply nothing worse than being uncomfortable in bed and being unable to move to a comfortable position.  

If anyone has had a patella fracture, I’d love to hear from you and know your experience.  



Patella Fracture….OUCH

I haven’t written anything in a while because an evil patch of wet grass has severely disrupted my life.  On May 21st I was on vacation and slipped on some grass, went down fast and hard on to the sidewalk, and broke my patella into 10 pieces.  I have since had reconstructive surgery and am 3 weeks post-op, awaiting July 9th to come around when I can get rid of my brace and start physical therapy.   Dear God help me. 


How Ashwaghanda is Helping


It was suggested to me by my nutritionist to try taking Ashwaghanda, an adaptogenic herb that is known to help sufferers of adrenal fatigue.  Different people react differently on the herb, all depending on what their bodies are needing in order to balance.  Since my adrenals are taxed and my hormonal system is out of whack, it was suggested I take it to aid my body in dealing with stress so that my adrenals don’t have to.  I don’t completely understand the magic of his herb, but I can say I’ve noticed a few things since starting to take it:

  1. ANXIETY.  At first it was terribly sedating.  I backed off the dose until my body got used to it and now I don’t really “feel” anything, however I do notice a reduction in my anxiety.  When a thought might typically make me anxious, with a rising feeling of flight or panic, no matter how insignificant the thought…I notice that there’s only calm in my response.  When I first started taking progesterone, I had the same reaction.  However, now that I’m trying to get off of the BHRT and am taking half the dose as before, my body is getting more stressed out.  Anxiety is back.  But Ashwaghanda is really helping that out.
  2. MEMORY.   As mentioned above, the more I back off of the hormones, the more I get symptoms of low estrogen.  This includes memory loss.  Right before I started taking Ashwaghanda I was having a terrible time with my memory.  Not remembering simple words I use every day, feeling lost in space, unable to grasp on to any thought.  I have noticed that since taking the herb I’m feeling quite normal again.  THANK GOD!!! 
  3. DEPRESSION.  Again, a symptom of low estrogen.  For some weeks before taking the herb I was starting to really feel the winter blues creep in.  I don’t know if it was my hormones, the long Chicago winter, problems with my boyfriend, or just the ups and downs of life…  I DO know, that I don’t feel that depressive feeling anymore.  I don’t go to the dark places, where my mind slips down the hopeless spiral of thought.  I feel pretty upbeat. 

So those are my reactions to Ashwaghanda so far.  I only take 1 tablet a day in the morning of the Himalaya brand.  I’ve only tried once taking it 2x in the day, but I didn’t notice much difference.  I’d rather keep the stress at bay during the day when I’m more likely to get stressed out from work.  When I’m at home in the evening I’m generally relaxed so perhaps I don’t need it then. 

The Benefits of the Mad Scientist

ImageFirst I gotta say, I’ve got a song from Maroon 5 stuck in my head.  So as I discuss the trials and tribulations of my health, Adam Levine will be serenading us in the background, singing about a pay phone. 

Ok.  On with the post.  So last post I mentioned my search for a new doctor.  I was referred to a D.O. by a client of my chiropractor, who I trust immensely.  I scheduled an initial consultation with him to see what his approach was, and if he’s what I’m looking for.  The appointment wasn’t covered by insurance and cost me about $125.  I mean, that’s a new pair of boots but I guess paying for my health is just where my wallet is headed at the moment. 

So I was thinking in the weeks leading up, “What am I looking for?”  Here’s a short list:

  1. A thinking physician.  Someone who appears challenged by a person’s case and is determined to get to the bottom of the issue.  This excludes doctors who are following a script, who are stagnant in their practice, who don’t ask questions, probe further, stay up to date on recent research and practices.
  2. Someone who doesn’t nay say thoughts or concerns I have about my own body.
  3. Someone who doesn’t want to mask symptoms, but who is interested in fixing the root cause of a problem.
  4. Someone who reads my chart when I arrive at the office (seriously, is this too much to ask?)

So I read a million great reviews about this doctor and I went in there hoping to be impressed.  I’m pretty sure I had a vision of Dr. House in my mind.  What I got was this super wacky dude who appeared to be friendly enough, but was very erratic in his interactions with me; frantically scribbling things on a sheet of paper, asking me questions in rapid fire succession, jumping around topics like crazy.  He reminded me of a mad scientist.  At first I was really put off by our interaction, but as we talked and he started to formulate what could possibly be happening with my health, and we got to know each other just a little, I began to realize that this guy might actually have a good approach.  He suggested things that hadn’t been suggested before (like advanced Lyme disease, possible energy blockages for healing pathways, fungus overgrowth, parasites), and suggested treatments that had also never been mentioned. 

He said that his whole practice begins with a homeopathic approach.  That he begins with a homeopathic profile and sends me away with some remedies.  After this, he begins to dig in focusing first on toxicity, then on viruses or parasitic infections.  Typically, if you address these things first…much of the rest can fix itself.  But you have to start here.  He drew diagrams for me outlining the different dimensions of how our health systems work and the approach he takes to healing.  He gave me some literature on Homeopathy and Applied Kinesiology, told me to read up on Lyme disease, and we were pretty much on our way. 

I didn’t make a decision right away, I wanted to talk to a few people and let all the information sink in.  I have tried hard to move past the awkward interaction and mad scientist demeanor, and focus on the information and the approach. The reading he gave me on homeopathy was very enlightening and I feel really positive about trying out this approach.  He seems to think that it will cure the vibrating problem.  IF ONLY THAT WERE TRUE!!!  I’ve been having to take sleep aids to fall asleep lately because the vibrating wakes me up.

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in California you’ll be hard pressed to find an amazing doctor who is covered by insurance and utilizes alternative therapies and has an approach like a naturopath.   All my research returned very few options, so despite his frazzled appearance and bedside manners, I feel like this might be my best option at present. 

Stay tuned….


Searching for a Doctor

I need a new doctor. 

I’ve been thinking about changing doctors for years.  Up until this current doctor, I didn’t even know that a holistic doctors existed, so this one seemed like a real blessing.  His approach is good – he seeks the core issue instead of masking symptoms.  In the last 5 years though, as my symptoms and imbalances have built up, he has become more and more perplexed by my condition and I believe that because he can’t figure things out, he just passes me off as being overly paranoid. I often walk out of the office frustrated. 

The worst part about him, is that when I see him, it’s like he’s seeing me for the first time.  All our history is erased somehow and I have to bring him up to speed on all the things we’ve talked about, tried, and where we’re currently at with treatment.  THEN…to make it worse…he tells me that if I would only come in to see him more often that he’d have a better ability to help me.  Um…maybe if you READ MY CHART before I come in, you’d be better able to help me. 

There are a few other things that give me pause about this doctor.  Mostly, I get the sense that I’m not getting the best care possible.  There have been a lot of treatments and information that I have told him about for the first time.  Things he didn’t know about.  It seems strange to me that the patient is educating the doctor.  He’s also very disorganized, often losing records, not remembering where we left off.  I would like to have a real action plan set up with my doctor, complete with steps and check-in intervals to get me where I need to go.  With my current doctor, I feel like I’m just meandering around.  Like I’m leading the charge and he’s just a really busy consultant.  I want HIM to lead the charge.  Inform ME.  Tell me what I need to know.  Tell me where I need to go.  Maybe it’s just his style I don’t jive with.  At any rate, I need a new one. 

The end.

Parasite Cleanse Completed…Now What?

So I finished the cleanse a week or so ago.  I wish I could say everything seems healed and solved, but it doesn’t.  I don’t get any cramping and gurgling like I did when I was on the cleanse, but some of the same pains are still there.

  • The dull pain under my right rib that comes and goes
  • The pinching feeling I get right under my sternum, under my ribs
  • The sometimes hot feeling I get on my left side, near my groin
  • Precarious bowel movements
  • Itchy skin

The worst part is that I still don’t have any answers.  There is a lot of speculation as to what was going on…liver flukes, candida, tapeworm?  It feels like I’m in the middle ages when people didn’t rely on real science to make medical decisions.  I’m just sorta going “by feel” most of the time.  Trying not to get confused or worried by what I read on the internet.

I am supposed to take another hair analysis and blood test.  I’m hoping and praying that it reveals the metals coming out in my hair.  I really just want to be detoxing properly.  After I see what that says I will decide if I want to do some DMSA chelation therapy to start getting that stuff out of my body.

My boyfriend called me a hypochondriac last weekend.  This stung.  For 35 years I didn’t fear anything health related, I didn’t freak out when there was a pain, I basically just went about my life and went to the doctor when I was sick.  But the last 5 years has been one really crazy symptom after the next.  Even my doctor is confused by all the weird symptoms.  In the end…I have energy, I am not depressed, I don’t have all the symptoms that seem to lay underneath really serious illnesses…so maybe I’m just fine?  Maybe I should just live my life and stop chasing down all this stuff and spending so much money?

I wonder if anyone else deals with this train of thought…

Parasite Cleanse – Day ???

I’ve lost track of what day I’m on.  I’m somewhere between 20 and 30. 

After my last post where I was having some pretty crazy bloating in my small intestine, which lasted about 2 days, things started to settle down.  I read that upping a dose of Psyllium Husks could cause this kind of back-up in the first few days.  I went from 1tsp a day to 1tsp 3x a day, so that could very well have been the issue.  But I’m happy to report, that the Psyllium Husks are really helping things move along nicely.  I’m not seeing anything crazy in my bowel movements, but by god, I’m having several a day now so that’s gotta be good. The quicker I can move stuff out of my body, the better. 

I guess I didn’t realize it until I read a lot about the uses of Psyllium Husks, that my bowel movements haven’t been right for a while. I always HAD bowel movements (mostly just one in the morning) so I guess I thought that was good enough.  I didn’t think a lot about my poop.  Who does? Who WANTS to?  But in the last few years as I’ve cut most grains out of my diet, I can say that my poop has been small, hard, and intermittent.  I figured that worrying about fiber was only for people who were constipated, which I was not.  The more research I did into Psyllium, I have found that not only is fiber NECESSARY for bowel health, it’s also helping your body detoxify by moving things through the intestine and soaking up toxins instead of letting things sit in there and go bad and re-toxifying you through your intestinal walls.  For me this is so important.  So as long as I plan on staying low carb, I’m going to keep Psyllium Husks on the agenda. 

I also got some Bentonite Clay in the mail from Living Clay, which was recommended to me.  I haven’t taken it internally yet.  I will probably do that when I’m done with all these herbs.  (the clay can often absorb all the supplements you’re taking)  I decided to do a face mask with it instead.  Mixed a teaspoon of the powder with 3 teaspoons of water, mixed it up, put it on my face and neck.  Everything was fine, until I took it off and saw my face and neck break into a bit of a short term rash.  Ack!  Now, this concerns me.  I mean, I suppose it’s to be expected considering how toxic I seem to be.  The clay draws out the toxins, so getting a rash is really just all those toxins coming to the surface of my skin.  So that’s good!  But  I want my body to do that naturally.  So I worry that the methylation process isn’t fixed afterall.  I’m so broke and trying to save for this trip to Peru next year and the thought of more expensive tests and possibly having to see some kind of specialist who understands mercury detox just gives me stress. 

On one hand, I’m glad I’m doing all of this and learning all of these things.  On the other hand, it’s just a lot of worry and I feel like I’m chasing something down a rabbit hole.  Something I’ll never find.  I have this instinct to just quit the parasite cleanse, dose up on probiotics, and just focus a minute on healing my liver and gallbladder.  Forget the parasites.  If they exist, they exist.   I don’t have any crazy exhaustion or depression or things like that, so they can’t be THAT bad, and our bodies coexist fine with them anyway.  Focus instead on mercury detox.  I think this is the important part.  I can do a different parasite cleanse in 6 months to take care of anything that has grown out of control, if this is even an issue.  I’m just tired of all of it and want to see my poop sink and get my hormones back in balance.  Supplementing is really breaking my bank. 

I also want to do this juicing thing.  I think that if I can give my digestive system a bit of a break then it can support healing better.  No one told me this is a good idea, but I just feel like it is.  When my digestive system is all focused on tirelessly breaking down meats and fats, how could it possibly be able to focus in detoxifying?  Gotta support the detox on all fronts.  The juicer is expensive and I have lots of doctors bills to pay, but I’m going to start setting money aside and hopefully in a month or so I can afford one. 

Parasite Cleanse – Day 20

Today I have experienced the worst gut cramping thus far in the cleanse.  My belly is completely swollen and distented.  It’s awful.  I read online that it could be because of the Psyllium I’m taking.  I started taking it 3x a day (vs only 1x) and apparently it can sometimes take a little while for it to pass along to the colon.  My small intestine is what is completely hard and puffed up right now.  The cramping hurts.

I’m going to up my water intake.

I did a coffee enema after work to maybe get things moving in there and I had my first diarrhea style enema release, chalk full of unidentifiable bits and bobs.

Talked to a friend from college last night who had a tapeworm years ago and went through hell to get rid of it.  A bio-feedback machine, of all things, told him what he had.  Tried 2 different medicines to get rid of it and finally the last one worked.  In describing to eachother our health woes I told him about how I vibrate at night when I am sleeping.  And lo and behold, sure as shit he told me that HE, TOO, VIBRATES AT NIGHT!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  He told me how he bought the meter and got rid of all his electronics in his room, same as what I did, and how after all of that he still vibrated.  CRAZY.  The bad part of this story, however, is that he actually had a brain tumor.  He thinks that the vibrating had less to do with the nervous system, though.  He thinks its spiritual.

I’d like to think so.

Parasite Cleanse – Day 18

I took about 5 days off of the cleanse in order to load back up on probiotics.  There’s also a lot of cleanses out there that have a X days on, X days off type of protocol.  I’m not sure why, I think it’s because it no only gives your body a little break, it gives parasites a little time to grow or hatch, then you come back in for the attack without them looking.

Things were ok in the last 5 days, until this weekend when I started experiencing some intense pain in my belly.  It has woken me up each night around 3am, many hours after eating.  It can’t be digestive pain, though I do also feel a little bit of movement in my gut when this pain is around.  Today it lasted all through the day.  It feels a little like there’s a rock in my belly.  It also feels like intense hunger pain.  Wish it were just a giant air pocket that would move.  Maybe it is?

I started taking Diamotaceous Earth this evening.  Going to have to start pounding the water and Psylium Husks to make sure I don’t get backed up.  Apparently DE can make you dehydrated and constipated.

I’ve also been looking around at juicers this weekend.  I’ve been thinking about my poor liver and digestive system and how it probably needs a break from meats and fats and that I might do it well to juice a lot of leafy greens, cucumber, and celery since I don’t get those things in my regular diet.  The juicer I’m looking at is around $250 (holy christ!!!) so it’s a bit of an investment.  I have too much going on to do a juice fast, so I’m thinking starting out juicing one meal a day would be a good start.  Even though I want to buy that juicer RIGHT NOW…I am going to start by buying a juice from Protein Bar for lunch in the next week or so.  Then keep having my smoothie dinners.

Parasite Cleanse – Day 13

I haven’t written a lot because each day has been pretty uneventful on this cleanse.  I’m quite disappointed.  My belly doesn’t even cramp or gurgle anymore.  Never thought THAT would be a disappointment.  I started to see what looked like corn kernels, but white, in my stool.  I am nervous they’re tapeworm, as tapeworm is usually reported as looking like rice.

I bought the Black Walnut Hull tincture (in place of the pills) yesterday.  I was nervous about it because the Wormwood is AWFUL in its alcohol tincture form.  I finally figured out that if you put it in warm water some of the alcohol burns off.  Anyway, either I got a dud bottle of Black Walnut Hulls, or this stuff is pretty much tasteless.  I’m happy to report that I don’t gag when I take it. 🙂

I started taking Psyllium Husk powder to increase the absorption of parasites and toxins and to help push things along in my intestine.   I’ve noticed that my poop is “fuller” now.  It also is kinda gooey and stringy when you try to break it apart.  Apparently psyllium husks increase in size like 10x in your intestines, which help to clean you out.  I am eager to try to Bentonite Clay next to mop even more up.  Apparently its really good for getting metals out.  The stuff is actual volcanic ash and packed with minerals.  People take the two together for a colon cleansing regimen.

I’ve also bought some Diatomaceous Earth, that I will take as soon as it gets here.  This stuff is fascinating and apparently good for much more than killing critters.  Have a look at the link.   It is also good at mopping up mercury.  I told my boyfriend about it because it also metabolizes into silica in your blood and is amazing for strengthening hair and nails.  He is losing his hair and he will try anything to slow that process down.  My hair on the other hand, doesn’t need thickening.  Dear God.  People also report that their skin looks better after using it.  For something that is natural and non-toxic and has so many benefits…hey, count me in.

I will most certainly report the results of these things as I go through it.

Now, if I could only get all these parasites out of me!  I’m so tired of taking pills…..